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Estate Planning (wills and trusts)-Estate planning is not limited to planning for the distribution of your estate.  Estate planning may include preservation of family business interests and preservation of your assets by reducing estate tax liability.  An estate plan is not limited to a trust, which, if fully funded, will avoid the expense of probate, but powers of attorney for property and health care as well as an advance directive for health care.

Asset Protection PlanningAsset Protection Planning is exclusively associated with preventing or minimizing the interruption of your business and personal affairs through the assertion of questionable claims and nuisance litigation.  It does not involve hiding or concealing assets or otherwise attempting to defraud creditors.  Asset Protection Planning legitimately protects your accumulated wealth from that one unanticipated lawsuit which otherwise may destroy your net worth. (more info…)

Probate-Probate involves the court supervised distribution of an estate pursuant to the state mandated statutory scheme for those who either have only a will or no will at all.  In a probate, your assets will become open to the public.

Commercial Collections-A judgment is nothing more than a hunting license.  With your hunting license we can hunt down a judgment debtor’s assets to satisfy your judgment to the fullest extent of the law.

Corporations-While the entity of choice today is a limited liability company, there are situations where a corporation may be more suited to your needs.  A corporation is controlled by its officers and board of directors, who may not be the shareholders.

Limited Liability Companies-The limited liability company has become a powerful tool for accomplishing many asset protection and estate planning goals.  It is the most versatile and convenient strategy for owing dangerous assets, such as rental property or  a business.  It also provides an excellent level of financial privacy.  Unlike a corporation, a limited liability company does not pay franchise tax.

Limited Partnerships-The limited partnership consists of general partners and limited partners.  The limited partnership provides centralized management of assets.  Assets held in the limited partnership are effectively shielded from potential claims (unrelated to the limited partnership) because the limited partnership owns the assets.

Bankruptcy-Many feel that after the changes Congress made to the bankruptcy laws in 2005 it is impossible to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and discharge your debts.  If you qualify, you may still file chapter 7, discharge your debts and retain your property.  If you don’t qualify for chapter 7, chapter 13 and chapter 11 remain viable options to stop garnishments and foreclosures.

Contracts-We negotiate and draft a variety of contracts.  We also assist clients in the event of a breach of contract.

General Business Law-We assist our clients with general business law issues, such as a purchase or sale of a business, implementing a drug and alcohol testing policy and drafting an employee handbook.

Mechanic’s LiensIf your company loses its right to enforce a lien, that right can never be revived.  Thousands of dollars can be lost not only in profits, but also materials and supplies.  But, properly preserved Lien rights will increase profits and assure continued success. (more info…)

Trademark and Copyright Registration-A copyright protect your written or recorded works from being used by others as their own.  A trademark protects the title of the work or the name of a product from being used by others as their own.


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